Fly Fishing

Highampton Lakes lie approximately 1.5 miles south of the village of Highampton in the beautiful valley of Wagaford Water, a tributary of the River Lew which it joins 3,000 yards downstream.

The fishery comprises two trout lakes and one coarse lake extending to 4 acres.

The trout lakes, surrounded by wild life, are stocked regularly with strenuous fighting quality rainbow trout of various weights in the range 1.5lbs to 5lbs..

Competitions can be organised with prior arrangement.

Large Fish3


  1. 1. Only fly fishing is permitted: tandem, double or treble hooks are not allowed.
  2. 2. Maximum hook size:- 8 longshank.
  3. 3. All trout caught are to be killed. No trout may be returned to the water.
  4. 4. On reaching the limit for the ticket held, fishing must cease, the catch weighed and recorded in detail on the return card provided.
  5. 5. Second tickets may then be purchased prior to continuation of fishing.
  6. 6. Only one rod to be in use at any one time; no rod sharing.

Fly Fishing Prices

DAY TICKET 4 Fish Limit £ 24.00
HALF DAY TICKET 3 Fish Limit £ 18.00
EVENING TICKET 2 Fish Limit £ 12.00 from 4.30p.m.